PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 Update: New Map, Weapons & Vehicles

While the largest PUBG Mobile field Championship and PUBG MOBILE STAR CHALLENGE ar abuzz around, here’s another nice new for PUBG Mobile users. Well, you’ll transfer the foremost waited PUBG Mobile Update zero.8.0, The Pubg lovers currently update PUBG Mobile zero.8.0 discharged that adds a replacement map, weapons, and vehicles.

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has extended latest new PUBG Mobile zero.8.0 update for AN particularly mobile app on each platforms like mechanical man and iOS device. during this new zero.8.0 update adds most hoped-for a replacement mini-map is termed “Sanhok” – that was solely obtainable in Xbox and laptop versions of the sport. Also, The Tencent has launch events to prevent hackers and created alternative accompaniments to create the GamePlay additional engaging.

PUBG Mobile zero.8.0 update: new map, weapons, vehicles

New Sanhok map

By the approach within the new Sanhok map may be a smaller version of the Miramar and Eragnel maps. The Sanhok map can let the cluster of players play the sport in forests in South East Asia. Also, the map incorporates a four.4×4.4 metric linear unit in space cowl, that is one fourth the realm once activity up to alternative maps. For the rationale that it’s thus little, you’ve have to be compelled to get along resources quicker and there’s a larger likelihood of coming back and meet alternative players.


Most powerful and long shot kind new weapons additional – a Flare Gun, QBZ, Duckbill – and vehicles. The Flare Gun, at what time used, can decision an excellent bringing within the play zone or a bulletproof UAZ outside of the play zone.

The QBZ may be a five.56mm automatic beautiful rifle, with each motor vehicle and single shot bullets. The duckbill may be a firearm accent, which can diminish the vertical increase whereas at a similar time increase the low unfold of weapons.


The new vehicles embrace a replacement four-seater muscle automotive in each hard-top and exchangeable versions, and a Bulletproof UAZ, that is additionally a four-seater automotive line up of by exploitation the Flare Gun outside of the play.

Latest PUBG Mobile zero.8.0 can currently additionally offer the cluster of players currently simple to customize the pickup quantity unswervingly from the settings panel, and can additionally enable players to require to amount time-limited things in an exceedingly line. At a similar time, they need additionally brought in an exceedingly few anti-cheating measures, as well as the improved credit of cheating plug-ins and therefore the adding along of report buttons to Spectator Mode, Basic so as and Results. All of which can stop users from cheating and bypassing and limits set within the game by the server host.

To give players extra recognition for taking part in the sport, Tencent has additionally additional additional accomplishment to unlock, new kindred perks, kindred title and position. There’s additionally the addition of a ‘collect all’ button for collection rewards of all complete missions, the addition of lucky air drops when a match, and therefore the addition of a royale pass which can create new tasks obtainable.

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